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From presentation to practice -- take a deeper dive into Aisha's lecture, "Commanding Value as an African Economist in Today's Job Market." A 4-week series of live sessions to activate strategic, custom, actionable steps towards your personal and professional growth. Expect to shatter mindsets expand your options. EARLY BIRD PRICING ONGOING. Registration closes May 22nd. 

**For alternative payment options (i.e. bank transfers, payment plans etc.) please email**


*Early Bird* Sadie Collective Member Group Program

Introducing our new program for early career professionals. This program is designed to provide invaluable guidance and support as you navigate and strategize the early stages of your career in economics and related fields. Stay tuned for more information on how to enroll and take advantage of this exciting opportunity.


Individualized early career advisory services package with one-on-one sessions.


Efflorescent Growth

Coming Soon

Let's Work Together

For questions on alternative payment methods (i.e. bank transfers, payment plans etc.) please submit an inquiry.

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