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Dao Fei Consults is dedicated to the belief that people are the micro foundations of economy. By merging scientific inquiry with cultural anthropology, we offer an approach to growth and development designed to create lasting change while celebrating unique identities, not negotiating them.

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We provide strategic and operational advice to businesses, helping them improve performance, make informed decisions, and drive growth. Our expertise spans various areas, including strategy development, operations optimization, organizational transformation, digitization and analytics. Dao Fei is known for its prestigious reputation within the Africa-China axis, Afro-centric understanding of globalized economic engagement, and accredited research, making it a trusted advisor to many MSMEs across a range of industries, including: manufacturing, healthcare, natural resources, and financial technology.

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Early Career Advisory

We offer structured programs and individualized guidance to clients in the initial stages of their professional journey —typically students, recent graduates, or those transitioning to a new field. Our services aim to provide support and direction in exploring career options, developing essential skills, and making informed decisions about their career path. Dao Fei provides the accountability needed to transform clients into self-starters capable of identifying and achieving their career goals, overcoming career-related challenges, and developing strategies for success and growth in their chosen field.



We work with public sector clients at the state and federal level in a collaborative and customized manner to address the unique challenges and goals of their context. Through analytics, strategy development, and implementation, we deliver transformative solutions that enhance governmental processes and outcomes to produce meaningful impact. Our philosophy of growing communal value undergirds our approach.

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