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Aisha is a third generation development economist following her aunt, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and grandfather, Prof Chukuka Okonjo. Aisha’s practice diverges from her lineal path with specialties in Africa-China research, business economics, and technological transformation.

She is recognized for her work on indigenous microenterprises, serving as Special Advisor to the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Commissioner for Abia State in 2020 where she led a redesign of the state's industrialization strategy.

Her findings were published in the Palgrave Handbook of Africa's Economic Sectors. Aisha’s work was also featured in several Chinese publications including China Investment 《中医投资》and Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies《文化研究》. As a doctoral researcher at Howard University, she studies how to utilize alternative data sources in transformative ways that enhance governments.

Aisha is originally from Nigeria. She has lived and worked in New York, Abuja, London, Beijing, and Boston. Currently, she is based in Washington, D.C.. She earned a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Business Economics from New York University's Stern School of Business. She holds master's degrees in Chinese Studies and International Relations from the School of Oriental and African Studies and Harvard University. Aisha speaks Mandarin.


Our Ethos

Why Dao Fei?

Dao Fei Consultants LLC believes in merging modern scientific inquiry with cultural anthropology for a holistic approach to business development. For Dao Fei this means operating as an agent of change to advocate that people are the micro foundations of any economy. Through this lens, no identity is negotiated but rather rigorously explored and idiosyncratically enhanced.

When translated from Chinese, "道" (dào) means "way" or "path."非" (fēi) means "not" or "no"; when paired with “洲”  (zhou) which means country, “非” means Africa.  So, "道非" can be interpreted in two ways as "a path not taken" or "the African way". This phrase could be used in a philosophical or poetic context to describe a road less traveled that leads to Africa.

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