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Propelling you forever forward along the road less traveled. 

Utilizing accredited research and self-generated in-depth analyses to unveil an Afro-centric understanding of globalized economic engagement. 

We provide strategic and operational advice to businesses and professionals, helping them improve performance, make informed decisions, and drive growth.

We've partnered with a spectrum of clients, from startups to industry leaders, showcasing our commitment to tailored solutions.


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Aisha’s expertise goes beyond academic and professional realms. Her ability to speak Mandarin reflects her commitment to a global perspective and highlights her fluidity interacting with diverse cultures and markets. Her research on indigenous microenterprises and the use of financial transaction data for macroeconomic statistics is groundbreaking, influencing how we expand our approach to data. Her insights and dedication played an integral role in the success of our inaugural conference. We are especially grateful for Aisha's contribution to the Africa Data Foundation.

WOW, that was amazing!! Thank you so much for Aisha's work. I just love the passion behind her voice. Her essence is palpable. 

Prior to collaborating with Dao Fei, my business's vision was hazy and vague. The consistent confidence Aisha had in my product was an invaluable source of encouragement. She increased my awareness and helped me find resources I had previously missed. Under Aisha's direction, I started a handcrafted shoe business and developed a brand identity. After identifying our specialty, I feel confident and certain about my company's future direction. Thank you. 

- Ijeruka Lecture Attendee

- NACRE Founder

- Africa Data Foundation

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